Community Resource Center

Our after-school program provides and manages the Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) and Fun Friday activities.


Mission/Vision of LightHouse on a Hill

LightHouse on a Hill is an asset-building youth organization, assisting teens in making healthy decisions and avoiding high-risk behaviors by engaging in educational, high-tech STEM-focused, creative arts, preventative, or fun activities.

The following is a possible list of Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) that will be offered as well as other programming options depending on the availability of parent and community mentors.  These are listed in the five categories defined in our mission statement.

     1.    Educational: Breakfast Club, Chinese Class, German Class, Homework Club, Khan Academy Tutoring, Knowledge Master Open (KMO), Learning Services Tutoring, Spanish – Advanced, Spanish – Beginner.

     2.    High Tech – STEM Focused: Aviation101, Aviation 201, Brain Bowl (Optimist Club), Crash-Blaster Rocketry Class, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), FIRST Robotics Competition – 4-H Club – CSU Extension, Hydro-Electric Power Class, Internal Combustion Engines, Intro to Computer Programming, Introduction to Veterinary Medicine, LABView Computer Class, Mars Landing Event, Master Blaster Rocket Class, Math Counts (Raytheon), Medical Club, Minecraft Club, Mobile Apps Course, Multiplication Fact Club, NAR Regional Competition, NASA – Adventures in Rocket Science – UCCS, Noxious Weeds , NREL Junior Solar Sprint / Hydrogen Fuel Cell Competition, Orbital Mechanics and Space Systems – Astrophysics for Beginners, Remote Control Plane Club, Robotics 101, Team America Rocket Competition (TARC) Rocketry Club, Shark Tank! Public Speaking, SparkFun, Technology Student Association (TSA) High School, Technology Student Association (TSA) Middle School, ULA Payload Rocket Competition, Code Club, Cyber-security Competition

     3.    Creative – Performing Arts and Cultural: Anime Club, Basic Drawing, Basic Drawing in Perspective, BEST Robotics 2011, BEST Robotics 2012, Band, Chess Club, Choir, Drama Club, Guitar – Advanced, Guitar – Beginner, Orchestra, Video and Film Production, Voice Lessons, Yearbook Club.

     4.    Preventative: Community Service Holiday Leadership Project, Parent Asset Network (PAN), Wise Choices with Rick and Barb Wise

     5.     Fun – Athletic and Sports: Basketball, Bike Club, Cross Country/Conditioning/Running Club, Cup Stacking, Dodgeball, Fencing, Flag Football, Fun Fridays After-school Activity, Golf, Karate, Tennis, Volleyball.