Barry and Judy Brannberg have a proven track record of raising large amounts of money for past projects.  They raised $1 million in start-up funds for the STEM School and Academy in order to create a successful launch and secure the current building.  They also spearheaded the efforts to raise over $300,000 for after-school enrichment programs for Research Labs and sophisticated, STEM-focused, high-tech lab equipment.

Norm Augustine FundraiserBarry Brannberg wrote the CDE start-up grant for $195,000 per year, for a three-year period. Plus, Barry wrote and secured a $9.9 million Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority (CECFA) Bond to buy and renovate the building at 8773 Ridgeline Blvd.  The CECFA Bond saved the STEM Project $1 million per year, as per the lease agreement the buy-out price was to increase by $500,000 per year and the rent was set to increase by $500,000 per year until a buy-out was secured. In all the years of CECFA Bond history, only four charter schools have secured a CECFA Bond to purchase their buildings in their first year of existence.

STEM Ventures operates with fiscally conservative business practices, depending on the contributions of community stakeholders and partners to fill in the gaps of tight public education budgets. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of “in-kind” donations, consisting of furniture, flooring, equipment, building supplies, and professional services were donated to open and sustain the STEM Project in the inaugural years.

The Brannbergs believe that in order for charter schools to thrive and survive, it is necessary to recruit the time, talents and treasures of parent volunteers, community stakeholders and business and industry leaders to supplement the school budget. A deep sense of community pride and ownership is developed when everyone invests their unique gifts in the STEM Ventures project!

Build a STEM Ventures Campus!

STEM Ventures is now embarking on a Capital Campaign to raise money to build a state-of-the-art STEM Ventures Campus to house our educational program. Since the project’s conception in 1999, the Brannbergs have been carefully watching the 48 acres of land at Lucent and C-470 owned by Englewood McClellan Reservoir Foundation and Shea Homes.  STEM Ventures is seeking an educational philanthropist, who shares the Brannberg’s mission and family values to help make the Charter Management Organization (CMO) and acquisition of the land to build a “dream campus” a reality.  All things are possible!