Research Labs

A unique feature of our afterschool enrichment programming is the Research Labs that are driven by entrepreneurial leaders and enhanced by partners from business and industry together with collaborators from higher education.  The Research Labs are divided into four categories: science, technology, engineering and math.  They are used after-school by all students from all schools in the community and during the regular business hours, by our charter school, Alexandria School of Innovation.  The Research Labs are a part of the Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) at STEM Ventures.

The Vision of the Research Labs provides the Six R’s: Real World, Relevant, Rigorous, Role Models, Respect and Research Labs.

STEM Ventures Research Labs, projects and programming provide opportunities for students to be exposed to real-world projects and professionals, who provide relevant, rigorous teaching from outstanding role models and business and industry mentors, where respect and other character-based, business ethics are emphasized in an atmosphere of world-class research labs.

Please click here to preview the PowerPoint of STEM Ventures Research Labs.

Thank you for the tremendous enthusiasm and support that we have enjoyed for our STEM Ventures Research Labs and for our new STEM Ventures K-12 Charter School. To read more about our Research Labs and the highly qualified Chief Mentor / Scientists / Engineers / Medical Doctors and Pilots, please click on the links under the Research Lab links below:

STEM Academy of Science

1. Geo Science and Mining Research Lab

2. Energy and the Environment Research Lab

3. Bio Medical Research Lab

4. Meteorology and Science Center

STEM Academy of Engineering

5.  Aviation and Flight Research Lab

6.  Aerospace, Design, Modeling and Engineering Research Lab

7. Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Lab

STEM Academy of Technology

8. Digital Media Center Research Lab

9. Cyber Security Research Lab

10. Filmmaking and Television Studio Research Lab

STEM Academy of Math and Business

11. Khan Academy Research Lab

12.  Entrepreneurial and Business Research Lab