Aerospace, Design, Modeling and Engineering

Michael Phillips – Chief Mentor/Scientist/Engineer of the Aerospace, Design, Modeling and Engineering Research Lab

MikePhillipsMichael Phillips is a Lockheed Martin Fellow and is the Chief Engineer for the Space Vehicle Integration Lab (SVIL) for Space Systems Company in Denver, Colorado. The SVIL is an Engineering Lab supporting programs across Space Systems in graphical software development with autocode and a variety of development and production simulators and testbeds. Michael started his career as a Flight Test Engineer in the USAF, and then worked at Kennedy Space Center participating in Space Lab and Space Station I&T. He developed radar and navigation software for the Joint STARS airborne radar, and prototype navigation software for JDAM smart munitions. He joined the Lockheed Martin in 1994 as a spacecraft attitude determination & control software developer, and then transitioned to small satellite development programs, Space Radar, and eventually the SVIL in 2008.

He has a BS in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University and an Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology. He is married to Diane, who is a gifted fundraiser and public relations assistant for this project.  They have a son, Ryan, who has been a participant of many of the STEM Ventures projects.