The demand for professionals in the STEM field is projected to dramatically outpace the supply of STEM graduates over the coming decades.  This is partly because many students, particularly girls and under-represented minorities, receive little exposure to STEM opportunities.  A Lemelson-MIT survey found that a majority of teenagers may be discouraged from pursuing STEM careers simply because they do not know anyone who works in these fields and they do not understand what people in these fields do.  The purpose is to engage with industry, education and community partners to change the game, so All Colorado kids have the opportunity to understand and be excited by STEM careers.  We want to create those “EUREKA!” moments when children looking through microscopes, seeing chemicals ignite or experiencing simulated flight open their eyes wide and open the door to a brighter future.  We also want to provide kids with mentors, since, as S. Mehrotra president and CEO of SanDisk notes, ”we have seen first-hand the positive impact mentoring has on young people, as well as the inspiration it brings to  employees”.

Our Vision

All Amrican youth winning the race to high-impact, high-wage and hi-demand careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Our Mission

Increase the number of diverse students pursuing STEM education and careers by partnering with business, higher education and community stakeholders to:

Our Values

We emphasize a value based approach, creating exemplary partnerships with all stakeholders and encouraging value-focused behaviors for future STEM employees.  Our key values include: Respect – Trust – Entrepreneurial Spirit – Innovative Approach – Service to Stakeholders


We love to create a “WOW” moment every day!

Strategic Goals

STEM 4 All – Excite

Give all kids opportunity to get excited about STEM by developing a sustainable series of learning opportunities at the “front-lines” of state-wide industry and educational institutions.  We will scale-up our successful 2013 South Denver pilot series (great experiences at XX Aviation, Newmont Metallurgical Labs and the Colorado School of Mines campus) to include students in the greater Denver area by the end of 2013 and target reaching 70% of Colorado school districts by the end of 2014.

STEM 4 All – Teacher Time

Provide educators the opportunity to refresh their STEM excitement and learn about modern career opportunities by providing a sustainable series of learning opportunities across Colorado businesses and universities, focused on current and future employer needs.  We will conduct a pilot of this program by the first quarter of 2014 and develop plans to scale up the program by the end of 2014.

STEM 4 All – Girls, STEM 4 All – Latina

Educate parents and students in under-represented female and minority populations about the opportunities to make a difference in high-wage, high-demand STEM fields.  These programs will include events with industry leaders, experiential learning events and innovative media.  We will develop a framework for these programs and begin piloting innovative ideas in time for summer 2014.

STEM 4 All – Mentors Matter

Provide mentors to under-represented populations, with an initial focus on women, leveraging the national US2020 program.  The mentoring program will initially be tied to the Stem 4 All –Girls and STEM 4 All – Latina programs, to reach high opportunity students first.  We have already begun to develop our mentors program, and will build out the program in late 2013 and 2014.

Measures, Marketing and Funding

Measures – we will initially measure the impact of the programs above by collecting survey data from participants and reporting the information to stakeholders.  A STEM 4 ALL report card will be developed by the end of 2013.

Marketing – Supporting program scale-up and the intent to reach All Colorado youth, an innovative marketing and communication strategy will be prepared by the end of 2013 and constantly executed and refreshed.

Funding – Program funding will be required to cover trip expenses, provide specialized expertise, cover corporate expenses, advance marketing and communication strategies and others.  Diverse funding sources will be considered, and a fund-raising plan will be developed by early 2014.

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